Thursday, May 07, 2009

May 6-7

May 6 -- go time for exam #1. Ridiculously, incredibly underprepared. Oy. But, fortunately, it's an 8-hour take home test. What cannot be learned in this amount of time? Nothing, I say.

Start the day right, with a giant glass of green juice.

Then, pick up exam, bring it home, but on the way stop at the grocery store to pick up some snacks. I was firmly decided against ordering delivery for lunch, but this did not stop me from putting away the better part of a bag of baked tortilla chips and some black bean & corn salsa.

Here's my set-up while I was taking the test. Coffee, diet coke, tortilla chips, the exam. And oh, is that google reader? Senioritis, me? No way.

Not pictured on Wednesday: bottle of rose champagne I split with my best friend, which was followed by some amazing sushi (really wish I'd gotten a picture of that, but I always forget), then some whiskey & diet coke . . . and then some drunk munchies food around midnight. I will have to remember to make a post about the Best Drunk Food Ever, which I will miss more than anything else about NYC when I leave this joint.

And on to today. I ran out of spinach (and woke up hungover at noon...) so this morning I had a couple of wee bagels from the best bagel place (out of the freezer) and a blended mix of frozen coffee, which I've been freezing in ice cube trays the last couple of weeks -- this was 6 cubes, with 1 cup of chocolate soy milk. Blend and enjoy. So good, and a nice change from my usual hot coffee.

In fact, I liked it so much that I went and whipped up another one just a couple hours later, to go with my snack of a cut up pear and PB2. I ate them off my federal courts book. Maybe I can learn by osmosis in this way? Worth a try, since I haven't cracked the book yet today.

Later this afternoon, I whipped up a late lunch of the last (oh finally) of the quinoa, broccoli, cauliflower and tofu. This meal is really one of the most delicious and the easiest (since I'd trimmed the veggies, parceled out the tofu, and cooked the quinoa a couple of days ago) but I'm going to have to take a few days off from it, I think. Doused liberally with soy sauce and sprinkled with black sesame seeds, obv.

And, ok, another 2 tiny bagels. I couldn't help myself, even after I almost sawed off my left index finger cutting one of these semi-frozen things in half. With vegan margarine, which for some reason I really like. I do not like the taste of butter, but soy and canola margarine taste nice to me. Go figure.

Not pictured: 2 glasses of crisp and delicious chardonnay (Smoking Loon, my go-to decent and pretty cheap brand of wine); peanut-avocado roll from the same sushi place I ordered from last night. My friend came back over for Grey's Anatomy and she had her heart set on ordering from there again, so of course I had to go along with it. This is such an amazing combo -- the peanuts are the honey-glazed kind, so they're all sweet and salty, with the creamy avocado and spicy wasabi. Heavenly, I tell you.

AND my adventure sandals arrived today! They were a little tricky to figure out (there are diagrams and a web site to teach you how to tighten and loosen them, and no buckles) but I love em already. I can tell they're going to go to some interesting places with me. And they will mostly protect my totally awesome foot tattoo from the sun, also an important feature.

I kind of love to revel in the lazy day after an exam. Even though I should've been studying (and myabe I still will since I am becoming somewhat nocturnal) I felt pretty okay about watching movies and lazing around all day.

Tomorrow, I must hit the books AND the gym. My membership gets cut off a week from Sunday so I need to enjoy every stinky second in that godawful place. Oh who am I kidding -- I will not miss that gym for one moment, but I will have to go a couple of weeks without a gym before I move back to Massachusetts, so I should at least try to elevate my heart rate once or twice before they kick me out for good. And it'll be good contrast for when I join a good gym back home.

And tomorrow maybe I'll actually cook something semi interesting. I've got some zucchini that's got to go, a sweet potato . . . maybe I will come up with something brilliant, or maybe I'll order out for the third night in a row (and photograph it this time). We shall see where the day takes me.

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