Monday, May 04, 2009

May 4, 2009

Breakfast of champs! Getting ready for another tough day of homework avoidance and reveling in Senioritis: Law School Edition.

More coffee! Lately my roommate spends all his time at school so he can only drink as much coffee as he can carry out with him. This means I end up drinking the remaining 2/3 of a pot myself over the course of the morning/afternoon.

Plus a bartlett pear and a big helping of PB2.

Rice & beans salad... I'm pretty repetitive these days, but this stuff is the gift that keeps on giving [onion breath]. Love it.

Lunch 2.0: hummus & veggie sandwich, with mustard today. I forgot I had a totally full jar of Trader Joe's Hot & Sweet mustard in the door of the fridge. I do get tired of the stuff, hence I hadn't eaten it in a long time, but it's hot & sweet like the man says. I ran out of the sandwich thins, so this is on my last 2 slices of TJ's sprouted bread, with tomato, parsley, and broccoli sprouts with a cherry soy yogurt on the side. Must get to Trader Joe's soon for more bread. It's quite a trek down to Union Sq from my Upper West Side hermitage here.

Here's the part where it gets extremely repetitive... I cooked up 4 servings of quinoa last night so I'll be eating it once a day through Wednesday. This is cold cooked quinoa mixed up with hot cauliflower and tofu straight out of the steamer (photos of my awesome silicone steamer basket to come -- the thing is a life-changer). Then doused with low-sodium soy sauce and a liberal sprinkle of black sesame seeds. I could eat just about anything if it's got those two delicious condiments on top. I wonder if I have a mineral deficiency that's making me want to drink soy sauce this week... probably it's just been too long since I ate sushi. Mmm sushi. I'll have to get some of that when it's celebrating time next week.

Here's a close-up of some individual red quinoas. This grain-that's-not-really-a-grain (it's a seed, I think) is the freaking best. I already loved quinoa but when I discovered the red variety a couple of months ago, omg. I am seriously smitten with these round little nutty bits of heaven.

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