Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May 5, 2009

Goooood morning. I rolled out of bed around 9 today with a feeling of dread, since it's my last day before my first final exam and I have done very little studying, blech. As I write this, the situation has not improved much...

The usual: banana & spinach smoothie, black coffee. With a butter knife in the smoothie to stir. When I make this with non-frozen bananas it seems to separate fast and the bottom part is just banana-y, spinach-y green water. (Ew.)

Granny smith apple and PB2. I haven't had a granny smith in sooo long, but they used to be my favorite apple. I really like tart fruits (e.g. I eat my bananas when they're still a little green, which really grosses out my little brother). Later on I discovered honeycrisp and the like, fresh at farmer's markets, and the old granny smith lost its luster, but this one was refreshing and delightful.

Look how hard I am working! Here's a tomato & broccoli sprouts sandwich with hummus and hot & sweet mustard, plus a cherry soy yogurt, atop my statutory interpretation book. Complete with super-smart margin notes and highlighting. It is almost as though I were studying. Almost.

Here is a bonus photo of where I seem to eat ALL of my meals these days, my humble little desk. It's actually kind of cleared off since I did major pre-finals cleaning today. I'm taking an 8-hour at home exam tomorrow so I had to temporarily put away all the usual clutter. Note the 2 diet coke-with-limes there on the left. By the end of next week I will have drunk enough diet soda to probably cause an instant tumor. This is the consolation prize for not allowing myself to order Chinese food and for not being drunk all the time as I was a few weeks back...

Not pictured: AMAZING giant everything bagel with scallion tofutti from the best bagel shop around, which was my post-gym lunch #2. I have to start remembering to bring the camera, but this time I didn't realize I'd be making a bagel run.

Also, yet another installment of the rice & beans salad. This was the last one, and I will miss it but it's been a little overwhelming having to eat it every day for 4 days. I think I'll hold off on making that for another couple of weeks.

Usually in these situations I feel like I am somehow entitled to really unhealthy food, but this time around I'm trying to reason with myself -- surely my brain functions better on vegetables than greasy MSG-laden awesome Chinese food right? So I'm going to try to stick to the whole, healthy foods during the exam, and see how that works out. And then follow the test up with champagne. And maybe sushi.

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