Sunday, May 03, 2009

Feels just like starting over

I've had this blog domain for a gazillion years (ok, like 4 1/2) with a variety of intentions for it. The song, Something Delicious, is one of my absolute favorite grunge-era songs (by the Catherine Wheel, whom I know nothing about and I think this may even be the only song of theirs I actually know). I used to sing along to it on the radio in my room with all of the passion of a misunderstood 13 year old. Those were very heady (emo) times.

Anyway, this was originally envisioned as a food blog to document the ridiculously rich amazing creations I was whipping up in my Chicago apartment, but my lack of attention span and poor photo skills led to its fading away. Then, I thought I could use it as a diet blog to document my amazing victory over the law school related expansion of my ass. But no such victory has occured, so that'd just be depressing.

My present goals in this new incarnation of the Something Delicious blog are a bit of a fusion of the two. I am finishing law school, which entails finals (boo) and moving back in with my parents (ouch) and all of the related sadness and lack of romantical opportunity. So I'm cooking delicious foods as a procrastination/finals distraction tool now, and also figure I'll need a hobby while I'm waiting out these months in my parents' house before I start my job (TBA) in October.

Goals for the blog:
(1) post photos & commentary at least every other day
(2) take photos of most or all of the food I cook or eat
(3) make and eat beautiful, delicious, healthy food!

So, maybe my attention span is longer now, or maybe my boredom as a result of current life conditions will get me to the point that I will need this kind of positive outlet. I'm trying to avoid the (pretty much inevitable) alcoholism, or at least to temper it with other healthy behaviors, so we'll see how it goes.

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