Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

I was just saying to my friend S (roommate's girlfriend who sort of lives here) that I really wish it were dinnertime right now, or at least that I was legitimately hungry because it'd give me an excuse to take a break. But alas, not the case. However, I've got photos from earlier today that I can post and comment on to distract myself from my ever-increasing sense of doom and horror about tomorrow's exam. The time limit has been reduced, so that although it is an open-book test, there is no chance I'll be able to scramble and look up principles I am not sure about, if I'm going to finish on time. Oy.

On to the gratuitous photos of food!
At long last, I purchased some spinach so I could make the usual breakfast smoothie of bananas & spinach. It really does wake me up and get me going, despite the fairly limited amount of sleep I got last night. Along with some coffee that was waiting for me courtesy of the roommates when I got up.

Fun fact: I stole this beer glass that I always use for smoothies from an English bar in Reykjavik. I really really wanted one that said VIKING, the name of the Icelandic beer, but I had to settle for Tuborg because after watching the bartenders beat a guy up I didn't want to push my luck by rooting around in their stacks of glasses for the one I wanted.

Yes, that's my smoothie glass and my coffee mug from earlier, sitting there cluttering up my living room work space. And a blended mocha (8 oz chocolate soy milk + 6 ice cubes of frozen coffee) plus a pink lady apple and pb2.

Lunch #1: leftover millet polenta squares from last night, with sundried tomato pesto. I grilled these on my tiny George Foreman grill, and they came out almost as good as the ones that were fried, but less oil and less clean-up. Very nice. They did get a bit mangled when I wrestled them off of the grill and onto my plate though.

Lunch #2/mid afternoon snack: bagel from the best bagel place! I got into a rut for like a year where I only ever ordered a poppy bagel with scallion tofutti every time I went to any of the local bagel joints. But this place has outstanding everything bagels and veggie cream cheese. It is the best bagel place, after all. I'm glad I branched out. The tiny bits of broccoli and carrot and onion in my tofu "cream cheese" are tough to see in the photo but they tasted excellent.

Now I'm sipping "Calm" tea that S made for me and contemplating both dinner and my ongoing cramfest. Yes that is Jessica Simpson's face on Vanity Fair that I'm using as a coaster to protect my bed from the hot mug.

Dinner, whenever the time FINALLY comes, will be either (1) more polenta and pesto plus broiled asparagus, (2) steamed tofu and zucchini over couscous with sesame seeds and a big splash of soy sauce, or maybe (3) an old favorite I haven't had in a while: tofu and asparagus with soba. I'm almost out of soba but I should have enough for one.

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Casey said...

I sure am enjoying your blog. It makes me hungry! Maybe I should move in with you guys. It also amuses me that I know exactly who this mysterious "S" person is who talks to you and makes you tea.