Friday, October 16, 2009

I totally forgot to tell you

About my 2 totally excellent mini-injuries from the race on Sunday. First, there was my blue big toe, which I thought was pretty bad-ass. It was just a blood blister but it did look hardcore. I'm sure this is not the best course of action, but I popped it, which was icky but kind of satisfying. AND I managed, just before the race, to cut my finger on the door to a porta-potty. OMG GERMGERMGERMS. Fortunately I didn't notice at first, so I didn't have a total meltdown right in the porta-potty corral, and also fortunately I slathered on a ton of hand sanitizer stuff so hopefully I won't be getting the flesh eating bacteria or something. Although I really did worry the next day that I had blood poisoning, when I had a headache that wouldn't go away. I think it was just dehydration. My finger hasn't fallen off yet or anything.

And a word about work: on my way to work every day I pass by a big clock tower, which is right by my T station. On maybe one day out of four when I walk by the clock says something like 8:45 (or earlier!) and I do a little dance of happiness at my success in being a responsible grownup. The rest of the time it says something more like 8:55, like today. Sigh. It's not like anyone here cares, but I did tell a bunch of people I was coming in early today, since I'm leaving early for marathon buddy IC's wedding in Pennsylvania. By which obviously I meant late, in jeans, laden with way too much luggage for a 2 day trip. I really hope the rest of my carpool isn't bringing as much stuff as me, because it's going to be too rainy to strap anything to the roof.

OH and I found my camera battery this morning, hallelujah. Get ready for so many photos of food and foliage!

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