Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer-summer-summer time!

Summer has come to Boston, at long last. It is HOT.

Which is why it's totally obvious that yesterday would be the day I decide to make risotto. Standing with my face over a steamy pan of gooey hot hot deliciousness in 90 degree weather is kind of cathartic, in a covered-in-sweat way.

So, what has happened in the last month? I actually ran that 7.5-mile race I mentioned in the last post! I know! Even as I was getting in the car at like 7:45 am on the morning after my grad party, I was like "really?" But yes. There was no real reason not to, since though I ate tons of delicious veggie sausage, chips and dip, etc. etc. and had a few beers, I crashed out at 9 pm so I woke up super rested at 6, with loads of time to get myself to Cambridge for the New Charles River Run. My goal was to average less than a 12 minute mile, since that's generally my long run time at this point in my training, and I totally succeeded, averaging an 11:36 pace and not walking at all, except when I sort of trotted through the water stands that were every 2-4 miles.

Running is still going on, and I love it more and more all the time. Casey, I feel you on the treadmill speed control thing, but since it stopped raining here every day I have been running around the old high school track, which is made of soft red rubbery stuff that is awesome for joints, and I am actually faster on the track. I probably don't run at a consistent pace, but I time each quarter-mile, so I can stay on track for my speed goals. The bad news, however, is that registration for my half marathon (Boston Oct 11) sold out on the first day and I was holding back hoping I'd convince my little brother to sign up too. So, I'm going to have to figure out a new race, which may be Philly Nov 22, or Manchester NH Oct 18, or Staten Island Oct 11, or maybe I'll just wait until the Disney Princess race in March, which I also better sign up for soon if I'm going to commit. It's just hard for me to pull the trigger, especially knowing that it's unlikely I'll convince anyone to go with me. C are you into half marathons? I will totally fly to Minnesota to run one.

Meanwhile, bar study and general avoidance of fun. I get up, I study a little, I go to the gym or track, I study a little more, I watch a lot of tv, I go to bed thinking that yet another day has gone by and I'm still not going to pass the bar! Ugh. While it is true that 92% of people passed the MA bar last year, that's not very reassuring when I'm averaging really low scores on my practice tests every day. A week and a half to go.

Ye olde work space. The other laptop is my sister's.

And then I'm going to AUSTRALIA!! Bar trip! I'm going by myself for 3 weeks, leaving straight from my friend's wedding in Oregon. Crazy! I am super stoked about kangaroos, koalas, snorkeling on the reef, and maybe even surfing.

But, back to the risotto. I bought some arborio rice maybe a month ago when I was craving paella, which I do not know how to make. But I do know, more or less, how to make risotto, so that's what it was. I still reallyreally want to make paella (this one) but that'll have to wait until after July 30 when I'm a free lady.
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Other foodage:

Apple & Almond butter. Actually kind of not as good as apple & peanut butter, but I am really digging almond butter on toast.

Iced coffee! Still making that superb recipe from the previous post.


Casey said...

Ha ha, half marathon! Ha ha! No, actually I could see myself running a half someday, not a full. A full marathon just sounds crazy to me. But a half I could do. Not anytime soon, but maybe in the next few years we could do an East Coast one together?

Also, I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to finally increase my distance. I've been doing a measly 3 mile run every day this summer and haven't had the gumption to increase that but this week I finally did, and even ran 4 miles yesterday. Crazy!

Rosalie said...

Way to go! I would never have managed to start running long-ish distances if Susie weren't there pushing me along. And after she got hurt it took me a loooong time to start really doing it on my own, but I am really enjoying it these days and even managing to get a wee bit faster.

I really really want to do the Disney Princesses Half Marathon in Orlando next March but I've been hesitant to sign up before I know I have someone to at least travel there with me, and ideally to run with too. Super cheesy, of course, but also hilarious, and women-only which is kind of neat too. Think about it! It's the first weekend of March, and you just have to be able to average a 16 min mile to do it.

Rosalie said...

PS Three miles every day?! That's not measly at all! I'm following a training schedule that has me doing 3 runs a week: a short easy one (2-3 mi), a short-ish speed workout, and a long run (up to about 6-7 mi and supposed to keep increasing).